Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Easy Ways to Remove Bugs from Home

Bug problems are something which will affect all of us at some point in our lives. For me, it's an regular occurrence where little critters make themselves comfortable at my place at different times during the year. It’s difficult to know what to do sometimes and rather than call out an extermination team, there are a variety hacks you can utilise to tackle these issue on your own.

Your problem might me roaches, perhaps it’s houseflies or the most annoying insects, the mosquito. They are all necessary parts of the food chain, but who really wants them constantly ruining our time at home? Well, here are some affordable, money saving hacks you can put into practice to make your home bug free. Most methods, wherever possible, use a sustainable and non chemical means to rid your house of pests and insects.


Get Rid of Flies and Mosquitoes

There is nothing worse than a relaxing evening out on the terrace being ruined by an insatiable horde of pesky mosquitoes or flies. They are persistently annoying and can also leave a nasty itch, so this video has a few tips on what you can do to reduce them from breading in your garden or other areas surrounding your home. Gain more control over your airspace by limiting the places these pests can breed via these sustainable methods.

[Source: GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley]


Naturally Deter Wasps

This is a great hack for naturally and sustainably removing wasps from your garden or any surrounding areas that you wish to keep them away from. Wasps live in colonies and their natural instinct is to avoid confrontation with another colony, which is why this hack is the best way to avoid using chemicals around the house. Instead, simply use the insect’s natural instincts to keep an area in your living space wasp free.

[Source: Household Hacker]


Get rid of Cockroaches

This is a video hack that will show you how to eradicate cockroaches in your home fast and effectively. It takes you through the steps on what you need to do to prepare, the exact process that professional exterminators use and additional natural alternatives if you prefer not to use chemicals. A great example of how to avoid hiring expensive exterminators to do the work when you can easily save money and do it yourself.

[Source: Chipp Marshal]


Cleanse your Bed of Bed Bugs

If you have the feeling or have seen the remains of bed bugs in your bed or bedroom, then you need to take action quickly to catch the problem before it spreads further. The method in the below video is broken down into 4 easy steps and utilises professional-grade treatment processes that will stop biting from the very first night it's put into action.

[Source: Bedbug Supply]


House Flies Goodbye

When mentioning a basic flytrap it almost seems obvious to install one, but if you are still having problems with houseflies at your place, why haven’t you bought one yet? This video gives you a simple step-by-step guide on how to set up a basic flytrap, plus useful information about how effective they can be at killing flies. Personally, I was shocked at how many flies could be caught in 9 days by using just one of these traps.

[Source: UUtv Productions]


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