VTech Magical Lights Unicorn Available Now @ Target

Meet Starshine, the French-speaking unicorn
VTech Magical Lights Unicorn Available Now @ Target

After a gift for a bub that is magical, interactive and oh-so pretty? Vtech's Starshine is just the ticket, and she's just been spotted at Target for $39 with FREE Click & Collect.

Unicorns continue to be a massive deal in the world of toys, and I love seeing newcomers like this Magical Lights Unicorn that are geared towards the younger kids - because you've never too young to enjoy the awesomeness of unicorns.

This clever little unicorn has some very cool tricks, and it's going to keep kids thoroughly entertained - even teach them a bit of French along the way.

Starshine comes with seven coloured charms, and when those charms are attached to the unicorn's heart-shaped recognition points, lights and sounds are initiated.

Modes include: colours, words, foreign language, music and sing-along songs.

It gets better, though: Starshine has flapping wings! A squeeze of the tail and those and glimmery pink wings being to flap up and down - ready for take off. There are also wheels under her hooves, so Starshine is a brilliant toy for lots of imaginative play as well as bring educational.

Even I want to play with this!

Click & Collect is FREE at Target, standard shipping is $9.


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