Up to 55% Off Baby Sleepbags & Swaddles @ Love to Dream

Up to 55% Off Baby Sleepbags & Swaddles @ Love to Dream

I adore Love to Dream baby swaddles, in fact if it hadn't been for the Love to Dream Swaddle Up in the early days with my son, I don't even know I'd have made it through that first six months!

If you've been keen to try out this incredible baby sleepwear, or you're looking for a very practical gift for a new mum, now is your chance to save up to 55% at Love to Dream. It can be hard to find this brand on sale, so do not miss this!

There is a lot of baby sleepwear on the market these days, but there are few swaddles as ingenious as the Swaddle Up. Its design keeps babies completely wrapped, while still allowing their arms to be "up" - the way so many bubs love to rest. (Both of my kids still sleep with their arms up!)

It gets better, though. When it comes time to transition baby out of a swaddle (which can be a harrowing time), there's the Swaddle Up 50/50, which allows parents to free up one of Bub's arms at a time and gradually get them used to be unrestrained.

At this clearance event, you can get your hands on the Swaddle Up, the 50/50 and some classic sleep bags. Take a closer look here:

Just beautiful, all of them!

Standard shipping is $9.96 or FREE over $100.


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