UNOCORNS Card Game $7.50 (was $10) @ Big W

UNOCORNS Card Game $7.50 (was $10) @ Big W

We all know that unicorns have spread their magic all over the consumer world, but did you know there is a UNO edition dedicated entirely to the majestic beasts?! Tis true, and you can get your hands on it at Big W right now for just $7.50.

By all accounts, the UNOCORNS edition looks to be very similar to the traditional game we all grew up playing; you'll still find those old faithful Skip, Reverse and WILD cards in the deck, as well as Draw Twos and Draw Fours.

This time 'round, though, there's major unicorn swag. No joke. In this game, players get to mingle with the coolest 'corns - from the sassy to the imperious.

So. Much. Fun. I'll be stashing this one for Christmas.

You can also pick up Hello Kitty and Super Mario editions of UNO at Big W on sale as well. (Selected at random if ordered online.)

Standard shipping is $9.90.


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