Toy Story 4 Barbie Available Now at Kmart

Toy Story 4 Barbie Available Now at Kmart

The Toy Story 4 toys are rolling into stores at a seriously rapid pace now, and while some of us are still getting over the awesome new LEGO sets and that HUGE Buzz Lightyear Robot, I've just spotted Toy Story 4 Barbie at Kmart - and in a blue spandex unitard, she is all kinds of fabulous.

First up, this is an actual Barbie made by Mattel, so it's the regular Barbie size, and includes all of the features you expect to see in these favourite collectable dolls.

This Barbie is based specifically on the doll we've seen in past movies, and will see again in Toy Story 4 when it releases in June (cannot wait). Her long blonde hair is tied back with a pink ribbon in a sporty pony tail, she wears an aqua unitard with striped legwarmers, pink trainers, and a pink belt.

With 11 points of articulation, this Barbie can manage multiple poses - and she's totally destined to become the star of the dollhouse.

Wondering where Ken is? No sign of him yet, but my fingers are crossed!

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  • Joyce H.

    are you for real. I need this

  • Jess O.

    I even love this! Haha

  • Bec M.

    Ohhh god and the toy story stage starts again no doubt

  • Samantha C.

    Omg lol love it

  • Sarah W.

    don’t encourage her :joy: she already wants a barbie aeroplane