Tomy Bath Foam Cone Factory $28 Delivered @ eBay

Tomy Bath Foam Cone Factory $28

As far as bath toys go, this one is a cracker - kids can actually make their own ice creams! This sells for $35 pretty much everywhere, but I've found it reduced to $28 with FREE SHIPPING at eBay right now. (You'll need to use code PROXY at checkout.)

The way this groovy (pretend) treat maker works is really simple, and there are no batteries or sticky adhesives involved. You simply stick the ice cream maker to the wall using the suction pads and add some bubble-bath mixture to the cornet at the top along with some water. Pull the lever - et voilà! Bubbly bath foam on tap!

The set includes three ice cream cones with flat bottoms, so they will actually sit on the edge of the bath; kids also get a pretend shaker for adding imaginary sprinkles to that bubbly foam.

Pretty fun, isn't it? If your child is anything like mine and spends forever in the bath, this is a must-have addition to your bath toy collection.


  • Enter code PROXY at checkout to reduce the price to $28

This item ships FREE around Australia.


  • Brooke C.

    I want this for me

  • Tasharna L.


  • Tasharna L.

    what kid doesnt eat the bath bubbles Haha

  • Chloe J.

    That’s cool!

  • Katrina S.

    Oh that is cute!

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