A Bunny Door Just Arrived for the "Hoppiest" Easter Ever!

A Bunny Door Just Arrived for the "Hoppiest" Easter Ever!

Target just released a Bunny Door for Easter, and at just $20 a pop, and with Bunny glitter included, it's a sure-fire way to take Easter up a notch or ten!

The Fairy Door phenomenon is still going very strong in Australia, with countless kids hoping to catch a glimpse of their resident fairies every day. Kids write and receive fairy mail, they look for fairy glitter (evidence that a fairy has passed by), and most importantly, they dream.

Fairy doors have become so popular in recent years that we've seen the emergence of Gnome Doors, Christmas Elf doors, even Tooth Fairy Doors - but there was one important door missing...an Easter Bunny door!

Target has rectified all that with it's adorable Bunny Door Entrance, and you can bet kids are going to have both eyes glued to it in the lead up to Easter.

The set contains a bunny door, a bunny sign, a bunny letterbox (very important because correspondence is key to getting the Easter egg of choice), two fences, a door mat, three decorative eggs, and some bunny glitter.

Target Just Released a Bunny Door For Easter!
Target Bunny Door Entrance

All you have to do is find the perfect spot to attach your Bunny Door (usually they sit well just above the skirting), and then kids can go to town decorating it.

Can you imagine how sweet this will look in the house?!

Not surprisingly, this door is getting some serious views over at Target Online, so if you know this is a must-have Easter item, get your skates on.

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