Sunbeam Snack Heroes Popcorn Machine $23.96 @ The Good Guys eBay Store

Sunbeam  Popcorn Machine $23.96

The Sunbeam Snack Heroes Popcorn Maker is a favourite among Australian snack makers, and it's an absolute bargain at just $23.96 right now at The Good Guys eBay store (with code P20TGG). If you find yourself buying packaged popcorn all the time, a popper like this is going to save you heaps. Go grab one!

I was gifted one of these last year, and it is the most used snack machine in my house. Not only does this nifty popper make the whole house smell like the movies, but you can pop up LOADS of popcorn in a healthy way, and enjoy it guilt-free.

Of course, if you can't do without the salt and butter, you can always add it. In fact, the machine has a butter melting plate on the lid, so you don't even need to use the microwave.

This is super useful when it comes to healthy snacks in the kids' lunchboxes, too.


  • Enter code P20TGG at checkout to reduce the marked price to $23.96. The 20% discount applies to the entire store.

Use FREE Click & Collect, or else standard shipping is $8.

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