SUDSKI Shower Beer Holder $24.95 Delivered @ Catch

SUDSKI Shower Beer Holder $24.95

Fancy the idea of having a beer in the shower? The SUDSKI makes it possible, and yes, it's an actual thing. You can grab one at Catch for $24.95 delivered.

This patented beer holder is made of silicone for a seriously strong grip to mirror, glass and glazed surfaces. There are no flimsy suction caps or icky adhesives involved with the SUDSKI, and it's even got a "space-age drainage system". No wonder this has the whole beer-loving world talking.

The SUDSKI is completely reusable and comes in navy or grey.

And why stop at beer? You can buy wine in cans now. A Sauvignon Blanc in the shower...heaven!

Remember, this is for cans only - no glass stubbies allowed.

The SUSDKI Shower Beer Holder ships FREE.

[Images: 30 Watt]


  • Cher D.

    Definitely no thank you

  • Katy H.

    ? (Also why is old mate wearing his suit in the shower?)

  • Mark F.

    Looks like a marvellous feat of engineering to me.

  • Nathan W.

    Won’t be needing a holder mate, won’t last long enough :joy:

  • Brodie J.

    True but have a spare ready for when the first ones finished

  • Nathan W.

    Take a 6 pack in ya rekon hahaha

  • Scooter F.

    If I have a beer in the shower it's normally in my hand :joy:

  • Benny G.

    Be lying if I said I hadn't enjoyed a shower beer or 2 in the past :grinning:

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