Stainless Steel Finger Guard For Chopping $1 Delivered @ eBay Store: koyota-up

Stainless Steel Finger Guard $1

Hands up who needs THIS! (My hands are up!) This clever, yet simple cooking tool will save our fingers in the kitchen - especially when we are in a hurry, which we always are when kids are on our backs about how much longer dinner will be. You can pick up this nifty little helper for just a buck! It's a no-brainer, people.

It's always soup preparation that gets me; the outcome of a pot of soup is usually at least a few cuts to my hands. But with this cooking tool, I think I'm saved!

It's made of stainless steel, and it's a universal size that should fit most people. It simply slides onto your pointer finger like an oversized ring, providing a barrier between the knife and your fingers while you chop. Pretty cool, isn't it?

There are also plastic versions of these guards, but my guess is that they could discolour after prolonged use with food. Like the stainless steel versions, the best price is $1 delivered.

These items ship to Australia FREE from China. Allow a few weeks for delivery.

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