Shred FX Zero fat burner (Genetix Nutrition) + 120 free Thermofx fat burner pills (worth $59.95) for $69.95 at Nutrition Warehouse

Nutrition Warehouse are doing what they do best once again...

Basically, they're offering a popular and effective bodybuilding product which costs the same or slightly less than at most competitors, plus they're throwing in a freebie worth around the same amount.

In this deal you can get the Shred FX Zero fat burner (by Genetix Nutrition) for $69.95, as well as 120 capsules of Thermofx fat burner pills for free which sell for $59 elsewhere online.

The tub of Shred FX Zero sells for $64.95 at Supplement Depot and $69.95 at Global Supplements.

However, as neither of these retailers are offering the Thermofx pills freebie, this means the two products together would cost you over $120 if bought elsewhere.

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  • Captainjack
    By the way, I believe most people would take two of the ThermoFX pills per day making the tub last 2 months. Just to explain, the Shred FX Zero is a complex pre-workout product whereas the ThermoFX pills are designed solely for the purpose of promoting weight loss by enhancing the body's natural fat burning process. The capsules contain caffeine, which not only aids thermogenesis, but helps fight general fatigue and enhance alertness.

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