Selected Kardashian Kollection bags for under $50 at CatchoftheDay

Selected Kardashian Kollection bags for under $50 at CatchoftheDay

Find good prices on selected Kardashian Kollection bags at CatchoftheDay.

They have 6 different bags to choose from, all for under $50 except for their Tainted Lover Shopper that is going for $69.99.

I was looking through and really liked their Kardashian Kollection Neutron Dance Tote that is marked for $49.99. Thought that was better than paying $59.95 for it at or $99 for it at Stilletoz.

The bag is perfect for everyday casual wear and features a laser cut out design on front with an internal zipped pocket, two open pockets and a removable shoulder strap.

If you want something more formal, they also have the Kardashian Kollection Sparkle Fade Evening Clutch for the same price. Saw the same one at Desa Handbags and Luggage for $75 so you’re saving a good $15.

This one comes in a leopard print with a fold over design, a squib-finish panel on the front and a detachable shoulder strap.

Note: Standard postage is an extra $9.99 at CatchoftheDay.


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  • Shazoo
    Some other good deals for under $20: Kardashian Kollection Women's Printed Skirt for only $19.99 They even have the matching blazer for the same price ($19.99) Kardashian Kollection Women's Square Mesh Square for $19.99