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6 September 2011

Newsweek is the only magazine that analyses and interprets events shaping the world from a truly global perspective. From politics to business, and technology to culture, Newsweek helps you fully understand world affairs and how they impact your life.

Every week it brings you commentary on key international trends and the interplay of dynamic forces within the international economic, political and social community. And all this is supported by clear, informative graphics and Newsweek's award-winning photography.

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Newsweek 4-in-1 Travel Bag Set includes:

Four handy bags to meet your travel needs:
Spacious suitcase (480 x 335 x 110mm)
Handsome carry-all grip (450 x 290 x 185mm)
Sturdy backpack (400 x 310 x 140mm)
Compact grooming bag (245 x 150 x 100mm)
Durable canvas construction
Distinguished and elegant design
Conveniently fold away for storage

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