Save $150 off the Glide Reflection Kayak at Rays Outdoors

Save $150 off the Glide Reflection Kayak at Rays Outdoors

Rays Outdoors is celebrating Australia Day with a good deal on this kayak.

They have the Glide Reflection Kayak marked for $349 which is about $150 less than what BCF is charging for it. The offer doesn’t seem to be a available online but you should be able to find stock at your local store.

Whether you just need it for a smooth ride or fishing, by the looks of it this kayak seems to be perfect for one person - it weighs about 21kg and has a 110kg weight capacity.

I did see a cheaper Adult Kayak by Glide in yellow on their site (for $229) but since it’s about half a meter shorter than Reflection Kayak I didn’t think it would be as comfortable.

⁃ Moulded side handles for easy moving
⁃ Rar cargo storage area with bungee straps
⁃ A 25 cm storage hatch with a 20 cm storage bag inside
⁃ Four handy clips for extras
⁃ Moulded cup holder for your water bottle
⁃ Made of UV stable material.


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