Premium Waterproof Pet Car Hammock $21.99 Delivered @ eBay

Premium Waterproof Pet Car Hammock $21.99 Delivered @ eBay

If you have a pet who loves an outing, a pet hammock is going to come in very useful - especially in wet weather. We've found a great pet hammock on eBay for just $21.99 delivered - a fab price for a premium option.

It's pretty sad for pooch to miss out on a family outing just because he/she has muddy paws and needs a bath, and that's exactly why pet hammocks were invented. By placing these hammocks over your back seat and securing it to the headrests, it provides a cushy spot for pets, and protects your upholstery from smells, claws and spills.

There are a lot of cheap versions round of this style of hammock, but this particular one ticks all the boxes: it's a great size (147 centimetres wide), it has seat belt slots, so passengers can still ride in the back as well; and it's padded for extra support and comfort.

Could your car use one? Go get it!

This item ships FREE in Australia.


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  • Kristi M.

    this is the cheapest I've seen these