Pre-order Nimuno Loops Block Tape from $17 @ Indigogo

Pre-order Nimuno Loops Block Tape from $17 @ Indigogo

You may have heard that a revolutionary toy brick accessory is soon to hit our shores. It's called Nimuno Loops and it is an adhesive toy block tape on which kids can build - whether it's with Lego, or Lego-compatible bricks. While this game changer in brick-play is not scheduled to hit Australia for a little while yet, you can pre-order a stash now - and save!

Nimuno Loops Block Tape can be purchased as 'perks' at reduced prices and in various bundles at Indigogo, with shipping to Australia.

Popular options include Multi-Color 2 Rolls Pack (green and blue) for US$13 (approx A$17.45) and Primary 3 Roll Pack (orange, green and blue) for US$29 (approx A$39). Shipping to Australia is around A$10.

What do you think? Would your kids go bananas over this?

(Images from Nimuno Facebook page)


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  • Lisa K.

    How cools is that omg I'm over lego with these kids lol