Monopoly Fortnite Just $12.50 @ Woolworths

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Monopoly Fortnite Just $12.50 @ Woolworths

If your kids are completely bonkers for Fortnite, this recent edition of Monopoly might be the only thing that gets them off their devices! It's been a MASSIVE seller over the past year, and quite hard to find under $45, but we've just spotted it at Woolworths for $12.50! Get moving, this is the hottest price around.

What is Fortnite, anyway??

Fortnite is an adventure video game that has people of all ages well and truly obsessed. In fact, there are over 40 million people playing this game worldwide. You can play it on computers, XBox or Playstation consoles.

It was released in 2017, and it's most popular mode of play is FREE, which explains why everyone is playing it.

Games include Fornite: Save The World and Fornite: Battle Royale, the later of which is considered the most popular, and involves 100 people battling it out to be the last person standing.

The game itself is a little bit Minecraft, and it comes with a tonne of shooting (hence the M rating in Australia).

How to play Monopoly Fortnite:

Unlike regular Monopoly, this edition is not about procuring property, rather it takes the same aim as the Fortnite video game itself: Damage opponents, avoid the Storm, and be the last player standing.

  • Properties take the form of locations in the Fortnite games - you'll see Tilted Towers, Tomato Town and Haunted Hills among many others.
  • Cards take the form of Storm Cards and Loot Chest cards
  • Tokens include Fortnite characters such as Omega and Skill Trooper
  • Money takes the form of Health Points
  • Pass go and release the Storm!
  • Dice include an Action Die, and actions can take the form of bandages, protective walls and Boogie Bombs among other things.

The basic idea is for players to avoid the storm, take out the other players using all available resources, and hang on tight to their Health Points in a bid to survive. If a player loses all their Health Points, they're out of the game.

The kids will be playing this all day. (When they're not playing Fortnite, of course.)

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Other Sellers:

You can also find Monopoly Fortnite at Target ($39 + shipping) & Amazon Australia ($39 shipped).


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