Pre-Order Disney Aladdin Egg Cup Set For $17.49 @ Zavvi

You ain't never had a friend like this at breakfast
Pre-Order Disney Aladdin Egg Cup Set For $17.49 @ Zavvi

Palodone makes some of the coolest egg cup sets around (Harry Potter, Buzz Lightyear etc.), and the latest "Genie" set is perfectly timed for the arrival of the new Aladdin movie in a couple of weeks. If you're after a unique gift for a Disney fanatic of any age - this is hard to top.

This egg cup set is $17.49 (excluding shipping), and it includes three pieces: a "floating" magic carpet, the Genie head, and the egg-cup base.

The idea is that, like other sets that have come before this, your boiled egg actually becomes part of the character - in this case, it looks just like part of the Genie's middle (except that it's not blue, of course!).

But what is extra cool about this set is that, thanks to the design of the magic carpet, it actually looks like your Genie and egg are levitating!

Kids will love this - and who knows, it might help them get a little bit more excited about eating breakfast.

The Aladdin Genie Egg Cup Set is due to be available to ship from 17th May.

Zavvi also sells the Buzz Lightyear Egg Cup - another great gift idea given that Toy Story 4 pandemonium is well and truly upon us!

Standard shipping is $7.99 at Zavvi, and takes a few weeks given that orders come from the UK.


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