PJ Masks Night Sight Game $24.99 @ Mighty Ape

PJ Masks Night Sight Game $24.99 @ Mighty Ape

This game looks like so much fun, and given that it comes with magic character masks that reveal hidden clues, I have no doubt that PJ Masks fans are going to be desperate to give it a go. You can buy it at Mighty Ape for $24.99.

The way the game works is that each player (up to three) gets a character toy store and a matching mask. The masks offer special vision (kind of like 3D goggles), and show hidden toys in each toy store. By wearing their masks, players have to memorise exactly what's in their store, then without their masks, they have to call on their memory skills to match up toy tiles as they are selected.

This will be a brilliant boredom buster for the school holidays, and given that the game is not too long, I think it's one that most of us parents won't mind playing either!

Standard shipping is $5.99 at Mighty Ape


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