Pink Hexagon Princess Tent With Lights $31.49 Delivered @ eBay

Pink Hexagon Princess Tent With Lights $31.49 Delivered @ eBay

Ohhh! How pretty is this tent?! With so much sparkling pinkness, my daughter would have gone bananas over this when she was younger. These tents usually sell around the $50 mark when lights are included, so for just $31.49 with FREE shipping, it's a deal fit for a princess!

The first thing that struck me about this showstopper is the size - this thing is BIG! It's 140 centimetres across the base, and 135 centimetres in height, so you can easily fit a few children inside, and they will all be able to stand up.

The tent is a cinch to assemble with PVC poles that interlock, and the whole unit is very lightweight. I'm loving the breezy pink curtains which can be tied up at the side - great for ventilation, especially in summer.

And then there are the lights - MAGICAL! And the beauty of them being LEDs is that they won't get hot, so they are safe to leave on for a while. (The LED lights run batteries which you'll need to buy separately.)

The tent fabric itself is washable, so if those tea parties get a little messy, you can disassemble the unit and give it a good wash. It will dry in no time, too.

You get a convenient carry bag for the tent that will make travel and storage nice and easy. I'm guessing that some princesses will want to take this everywhere.

If this seller runs low, you'll find more at this seller for $33.45 delivered.

This item ships FREE in Australia.


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  • Sarah I.

    for our little princesses :sparkling_heart::purple_heart:

  • Ange B.

    I need this so bad!