Paw Patrol Colour Your Own Cushion Sets From $16.18 @ Zavvi

Paw Patrol Colour Your Own Cushion Sets From $16.18 @ Zavvi

If you're after a crafty gift for your Paw Patrol fan, these Colour Your Own Cushion Craft Sets are an adorable option. They come with everything kids need to beautify their own Paw cushion, and they are excellent value starting at just $16.18 for Skye, with just $1.99 shipping.

Both of these cushion craft sets come with five coloured markers and a cushion of around 31 centimetres in length. The outlines of Chase and Skye are there, and each cushion is just waiting to be thoroughly decorated by crafty kiddies!

Chase ($17.98) has a blue border, and Skye ($16.18) has a gorgeous pink border. I absolutely love that the Skye set comes with stick-on gems - gotta love a bit o' bling when it comes to crafting.

Both of these come in a box, so they will make excellent gifts for creative preschoolers. Go grab 'em!

Standard shipping is $1.99 to Australia (from UK), and you'll need to allow a few weeks delivery time.


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  • Maddy M.

    Did their mums colour these in? lol not sure what kind of 3 year old colours as well as it that :joy: