Paklite Synergy Trolley Duffle Bag for $86 delivered at Peters of Kensington

Peters of Kensington has a special deal on the Paklite Synergy bags until 10 AM Thursday, the 31st of October. The 65cm ones in both black/green and black/blue are going for $79, and the 75cm in black/green for $89 (blue is sold out already). Delivery costs an additional $7 to Sydney on these bags.

The specifications of this 65 cm Synergy Medium Trolley Duffle Bag are the following:
Dimensions: 37 x 65 x 28cm.
Weight: 3.7kg.
Capacity: 65 litres

I couldn´t find this exact same bag anywhere else, but the smaller 50L Paklite Synergy costs about $120-$140 excluding delivery at other online retailers. After checking prices on Shopbot, and the Luggage Store, I´ve seen that all the wheeled duffle bags with similar features from other brands are selling for over $170.

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