OZTrail Camping Sofas From $85.45 @ eBay

OZTrail Camping Sofas From $85.45

If you're starting to get your camping gear sorted for an Easter getaway, these brilliant camping sofas are definitely going to up the comfort levels - they even hold your wine glass! These can get pretty pricey around the traps, but I've found some cracking deals on eBay, with fast shipping, starting at just $85.45.

  1. Click here for the OzTrail 3-Seater Camping Sofa @ eBay

When I finally gather the courage to go camping with our toddler, one of these sofas is totally coming with us. They take up less room that carting individual chairs along, and I love that they are something you can actually lie down on.

The three-seater sofa is $94.95 (on sale), and measures 192 centimetres in length, so it can easily fit three people, or even four kids comfortably.

The two-seater sofa is $85.45 (on sale) and 135 centimetres in length, perfect for two people.

Both chairs fold up in seconds and come in their own carry bags. They also have jumbo drink holders on each armrest, as well as wine/champagne glass holders. How perfect is that?!

Shipping is from Sydney and varies depending on product.


  • Cassandra G.

    Yes! Perfect and something to put our feet on :thinking::grin:

  • Chantelle A.

    !! Need one for the camping trailer lol

  • Jo T.

    Omg this is def something I need!!

  • Jes B.

    Im gonna order them now mwahahaha

  • Sharon G.

    It holds a wine glass!!’

  • Samantha B.

    we have the 3 seater..love it we just pack that and 1 more and thats it.

  • Elle K.

    This is awesome fit the whole fam haha

  • Christine M.

    Nah would encourage visitors lol

  • Danni M.

    I don’t wanna brag... but I totally have one haha

  • Danni M.

    Oh yeh!! Sneaky nap when u need to haha

  • Danielle L.

    Yasss!! :heart_eyes::ok_hand_tone1::cocktail::heart:

  • Denise H.

    Yea they look alright and cheaper then i expected

  • Jay R.

    Haha cheaper then i expected too

  • Joshua G.

    That’s a pretty clever idea.

  • Lisa S.

    Well hello.... yes!! :sunglasses::wink::ok_hand_tone3::thumbsup:

  • Tasha A.

    Haha love it I want the three seater! I could have a proper snooze on that one :joy::joy:

  • Anita H.

    Or it's a nice bed under a tree when your hangover when camping :-)

  • Emma L.

    I wouldn’t even share it :heart_eyes::ok_hand_tone2::joy:

  • Danielle S.

    And they have a wine holder!! Next level :heart_eyes:

  • Kelly L.

    Yes in my dream camping scenario I am enjoying my coffee in peace with a nice book! We have packed the nespresso machine :joy: I’m sure I won’t be the only one thankful for that.

  • Renee V.

    Oooh, I need me one of these x

  • Jaime C.

    Not that bad, $86 + postage for the 2 seater

  • Helen B.

    looks like a recipe for disaster as the nights wears on

  • Luke D.

    It would definitely be more challenging for you to fall backwards over it :joy::joy::joy: but I am confident you could still succeed

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