One More Day to Claim 20% off Nerf @ eBay

One More Day to Claim 20% off Nerf @ eBay

For a limited time only (until tomorrow!) you can get 20% off Nerf products on eBay, plus free shipping. My kids live for Nerf so I am looking to stock up on refill darts because we never seem to have enough. They're going fast though with a bunch of them already at limited stock, so best to check it out sooner rather than later.

Click here to shop 20% off and claim free shipping on Nerf

Some of my top picks from their Nerf sale are:

These are the Nerf refill packs you can get on sale (and gift throughout the year!):

While these might not be arrive in time for Christmas, I am banking on some of these deals to carry me into the new year. I have loads of birthdays and bribery opportunities in store for the kids in 2018, so these Nerf deals will keep my supplies ready-to-go!


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