NEW Unicorn USB Heated Slippers $59.99 @ eBay

NEW Unicorn USB Heated Slippers $59.99 @ eBay

Well I never! I guess with unicorns having taken over the world, heated slippers should seem a natural occurrence, but I'm still kind of in shock that these exist - and yes, I NEED them! These aren't widely available in Australia, but we've tracked them down at Mighty Ape's eBay store for $59.99. Mother's Day, perhaps??

These slippers come in a choice of PINK or PURPLE, and they're a super cosy, three-dimensional slipper, complete with rainbow mane and a shimmery horn.

Despite the majestic appearance of these comfy kicks, it's the heating feature that has truly won me over; the very idea of being able to plug in in my slippers to heat (unicorn slippers, no less) while I pour my favourite shiraz and prepare for Netflix binge is way too appealing.

These slippers come in one size, fitting Australian shoe sizes 5 - 12.

I'll be putting a note on the fridge about these: "Dear family, I need!"

Standard shipping is $7.95.


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  • Shellie J.

    Ooohhhhh .... my feet’s need them.