The First Years Minnie & Mickey Kneeling Pads $23.95 Delivered @ eBay

The First Years Minnie & Mickey Kneeling Pads $23.95 Delivered @ eBay

From The First Years, these adorable kneeling mats are designed to save your knees the agony of kneeling on hard bathroom tiles, and the fact that they come in Minnie and Mickey styles makes them even more lovable. Save 20% right now with code PORCH, and grab them for $23.96 delivered. My knees really need one of these...

These handy mats measure around 47 x 55 centimetres, so they will provide plenty of room for parents to kneel down next to the tub.

The cool things about them — and what sets them apart from others — is that they have suction caps on the top and the base that stick to the side of the bath and the floor, holding the mat in place. Very handy!

Another great feature of these is that they're made of quick-drying materials, so you won't be left with another soggy mat to dry at the end of bath time. (Lord knows we don't need anymore of those!) In fact, to makes life even easier, you can make use of the suction caps and stick it to the bath tiles after use, totally out of the way.

Mickey is going straight in my cart.


  • Enter code PORCH at checkout to score your 20% discount. (Expires 21st February.)

These mats ship FREE around Australia.


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