NEW Stationery Advent Calendar $10 @ Kmart

NEW Stationery Advent Calendar $10 @ Kmart

This Kmart Advent Calendar is a brilliant, confectionery-free option for the kids this year, and at just $10 for 24 useful and fun goodies, it's pretty awesome value too!

Whether it's at school or when they're tinkering around in their down time, kids always have use for stationery, especially groovy stationery, so this calendar definitely makes for a super practical and low-cost option this Christmas.

The calendar contains 24 windows, with the following contents:

1 pencil, 1 ball pen, 1 x 15cm ruler, 1 highlighter, 1 plastic box, 1 stamp, 1 mini tape, 1 printed tape, 1 pair of scissors, 1 x 6 colour ball pen, 1 bouncing ball, 1 paper clip, 1 elastic ring, 2 sharpeners, 2 glitter glues, 2 mini gel pens, 2 mini colour pencils and 4 erasers.

If your kids are brick-building fanatics, check out the Block Tech option as well - it's a ripper!

Standard shipping is $10 or else use Click & Collect for $3.


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