NEW Paw Patrol Projector Watches $9.99 @ Catch

NEW Paw Patrol Projector Watches $9.99 @ Catch

These NEW Paw Patrol Projector Watches are going to make a seriously awesome gift for any Paw fan, and at just $9.99, they don't break the bank either. You can buy these now in two bright styles at Catch.

These adorable Paw accessories are available in either pinkor blue/red, they come with a day, month, hour and minute settings with a digital time face - super convenient given that many preschoolers aren't reading analogue clocks yet.

But the coolest thing about these is not the time factor, it's the projector that's built into each watch! Both styles include 20 different projectable Paw patrol images, so kids can simply point and project Paw images onto any surface, wherever they are! Cool, huh?

These are a fun introduction to learning about time, they're a cracking price, and they're PAW! Go get them!

Standard shipping starts at $6.95.


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