NEW Paw Patrol Hooded Blanket Wraps $30 @ Best and Less

NEW Paw Patrol Blanket Wraps $30

Aww! These are seriously cute kiddie wraps, and I think they're exactly what a serious Paw fan needs to get through the winter. You can pick them up at Best and Less for $30 right now.

Hooded wrap-around blankets have become super popular for young kids and adults recently (there are unicorn versions popping up everywhere!), and given how practical they are, I think they're a great purchase for the kids if you live somewhere chilly.

These Paw Patrol blankets are fully decked out in either Chase or Skye graphics, with a BIG character face on the hoods, and a full-sized image on the back. They look to have a soft, fleecy lining, so there will definitely be some warmth in these ones.

The perfect snuggly blankie for an episide of Paw Patrol after kindy.

Standard shipping is $10.


  • Adele J.

    Is just chase blanket any other character like rocky or skye

    • Liz O.

      Looks as though it’s only chase

  • Diane R.

    Oh they be great for boys

  • Hannah W.

    Only if there was rocky there

  • Karli H.

    i saw them. so frigging cute

  • Brooke E.


  • Kylie Y.

    Wow so cute

  • Christa L.

    Its so cute :heart_eyes:

  • Sarah S.

    sooo cute

    • Eloise S.

      Chet would love that! Looks so snuggly.

  • Katie M.

    how cute is this

  • Amie M.

    Great find!! I am ordering one :heart::heart:

  • Alex G.

    Oh gosh he would just go crazy :joy:

  • Jess-Craig L.

    These are cute

  • Kristen P.

    how cute!!!!

    • Kim T.


    • Kristen P.

      Kids would love them!!!

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