NEW Paw Patrol 3D Baseball Caps $7.99 @ Catch

NEW Paw Patrol 3D Baseball Caps $7.99 @ Catch

Oh, these are too cute for words! New Paw Patrol Kids' 3D Baseball Caps have just landed at Catch for $7.99 each, fabulous value for a "kidcessory" that is utterly adorable and likely to get worn A LOT this sunny season!

These caps have vent holes, a hard peak and Velcro straps at the rear to adjust the sizing. They are a one-size-fits-most item.

These are the options:

Talk about some groovy sun protection. I have a feeling that with the pups involved, there will be considerably less grizzling when it comes to getting kids to keep those hats on this summer!

Standard shipping starts at $6.95.


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  • Kristy S.

    Today at the shops jj spotted a kid wearing a friggin Marshall hat from the floor above and at least 50 meters away:smile:

  • Kathleen F.