NEW No Sugar Added No Bake Kits $5 @ Woolworths

NEW No Sugar Added No Bake Kits $5 @ Woolworths

No Sugar, No Bake kits by Future Generations Foods have just arrived at Woolworths, and if you're always on the hunt for healthier snack options - and something the kids can make themselves - these are some must-try goodies. Grab them on special for $5 this week at Woolworths.

Future Generations Foods is a company with a big awareness of the sugar epidemic we're in the midst of. Each of these delicious-looking non-baked yummies are free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, and they have absolutely ZERO added sugar. The only sugars you'll find in these are what is naturally present in the ingredients.

Here are the options:

These kits are excellent for kids who are just starting out in the kitchen; I'll definitely be grabbing a few for my daughter to whip up. They look like great school snacks.

If you're heading into a Woolies store - don't forget you'll need your own bags now!

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