New My Fairy Garden Dragons' Tower Garden $39 @ Big W

Comes with Mummy & Baby Dragon!
New My Fairy Garden Dragons' Tower Garden $39 @ Big W

There have been a number of new My Fairy Garden sets over the past few years, but I have to say that the new Dragons' Tower Garden is exceptionally brilliant! Designed just like a medieval castle, it taps right into kids' imaginations, and it even comes with a mummy and baby dragon! Grab it now for $39 at Big W.

I'm a HUGE fan of these Fairy Garden sets. When they first came out a few years back, I rushed out and bought one for my daughter straight away - she still loves it to this day, and a small-but-healthy strawberry plant is now growing in it.

In this new-release set, the fairy houses that we usually see in sets are replaced with a Dragons' Tower, complete with cream-coloured, stone-like walls. It has a very necessary fairy door at the base for Thea the resident fairy to flutter in and out of; there is also an adorable purple window in the tower to peeking in and out of.

New My Fairy Garden Dragons' Tower Garden $39 @ Big W

Mummy and Baby Dragon are included in the set, and they live with Thea in the castle.

The set comes with easy-grow grass and pea seeds, and these can be grown at the top of the tower AND in the purple pots on the sides of the tower - all you will need to do is add soil, and water them using the dragon egg.

You could even use this tower for re-planting your Woolworths Discovery Garden seedlings - there's a thought!

Standard shipping is $7.90 at Big W, or you can use FREE in-store pick up.

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