NEW Little Live Pets Sparkling Unicorn $35 @ Kogan

NEW Little Live Pets Sparkling Unicorn $35 @ Kogan

Kids who are nuts about robotic toys and all things UNICORN are going to adore the latest addition to the Little Live Pets series. It's called Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn - and yes, she really dances! The best price around at this point is at Kogan where you can grab it for $35.

Now, Sparkles doesn't just look spectacular, she's also pretty clever. She can react to touch and sound in a number of ways: she nuzzles, trots on the spot, even dances to her own music.

She also happens to have a light-up horn, a shimmering rainbow mane (with brush), and her own cupcake. Because unicorns love cupcakes.

Little Live Pets are awesome, and kids of all ages seem to love them. My son is obsessed with the Tweeting Bird his sister got for her last birthday - giggles his head off when it chirps! It's very cute.

I think Sparkles the Dancing Unicorn is extra special, though - and definitely an amazing gift to stash for that certain someone who adores unicorns, magic and pink ponies. Oh, and cupcakes.

Standard shipping starts at $7.95.


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