New KidKraft Outdoor Setting $299 @ Zanui

New KidKraft Outdoor Setting $299 @ Zanui

As far as outdoor setting for kids go, this one has to take the cake. Sure, it's more expensive than your plastic varieties, but this one is built to last, and looks positively breathtaking. You can buy it now at Zanui for $299.95.

This setting is crafted from weather-resistant wood, and features easy-clean polyester fabrics that are totally kid-friendly and going to look fabulous for years.

The bench seats are particularly handy for many kids to sit together, and they are easy to get in and out of. There are padded cushions along the entire length of both benches for comfort.

My favourite part of this set, and what I think gives the setting its beautiful appearance is the umbrella. It's completely adjustable and in natural tones, it's going to fit in anywhere.

It's safe to say, you'd get years of good use out of this set.

For shipping info, enter your postcode into the field supplied. Shipping looks to start at around $20.


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