NEW Disney Pixar Cars 3 Lightning McQueen 30cm Bike $79 + FREE Shipping @ Target

NEW Disney Cars 30cm Bike $79

Look what's arrived at Target! This has to be one of the cutest first bikes around right now, and it comes at an excellent price of just $79 with FREE shipping for this weekend only. Does this need to be under your Christmas tree this year?

This bike is perfect for beginners. It's small, with wheel diameter of just 30 centimetres, and it comes with a set of training wheels for those who need a little extra balance. It also comes with a removable crew bag with two cones, a tyre gauge and two sockets inside.

It has front handbrakes and rear coaster brakes, rear mudguards and some very, very cool Disney Cars graphics that fans will flip out over.

With Christmas in sight (gasp!), this one is getting quite a bit of attention, so grab it while it lasts!

Note, there is also a NEW Disney Cars Helmet available, too!

FREE shipping ends 23:59 Sunday 17th September. FREE Click & Collect also available.

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