Myer midseason sale 1 DAY OFFERS - today only! (not WA)

31 March 2010

WOW!!! SOME REALLY GREAT OFFERS HERE GUYS!!!! Unfortunately, this is not available in WA, so us WA'ers miss out... not fair Myer :(

Some standouts include:

30% off womens intimate apparel, hosiery and sleepwear

30% off womens boots (excl Alan Pinkus)

Take a further 20% off reduced clothing in Miss Shop Dept

15% off small kitchen electrical appliances, electrical personal care,
irons, vacuums and microwaves

40% off the RRP of all adult fiction books

30% off mens underwear, sleepwear and socks

40% off all pillows
40% off all dinnerware, servingware and drinkware by vue and heritage
40% off all HERITAGE sheets and sheet sets

40% off cookware sets
50% off all JAG and TOSCA luggage
35% off all pens and stationery
35% off all bathroom accessories, bath mats,
storage and bathroom scales


  • admin EDITOR
    The 40% off lines arent bad. Its a good discount. Gives you an indication of how much mark up they have when they can afford to flog out at 40% off.
  • lisss
    Apparently there were 1 day offers in WA today too... but since they didnt release a flyer or include it on a flyer, I didnt go in. Not particularily bummed, it's Myers loss as I'm a shopaholic!!! :-P
  • Wally
    No computer/peripherals discounts, darn
  • lisss
    No computer/peripherals discounts, darn
    Nah more like 'thank goodness' lol cos if there were you would have missed them ;)

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