Mum Stemless Wine Glass $16.99 @ Yellow Octopus

Mum Stemless Wine Glass $16.99 @ Yellow Octopus

if you are stuck for a gift idea for your mum, a new mum, or any mum for that matter, this stemless wine glass from Yellow Octopus is purrrfect! It's just $16.99, comes beautifully presented in a pink gift box - and it's bejeweled!

The glass measures 13.5 centimetres high and seven centimetres across, so it's going to hold a good amount of chardonnay - very important. It features glittery diamantes (love that!), and it comes in a polka-dot-pink gift box.

The inscription reads:

Mum; n; A multi-skilled individual; generally overworked but happy to be rewarded in love and large quantities of wine. See also: Assistant, Angel

It's funny, it's thoughtful and it's practical. This wine glass celebrates all that mums are (well, a lot of what mums are anyway), and it's a total bargain, too.

Know someone who's expecting? This glass would also make a fabulous baby shower gift.

Standard shipping is $7.99.


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