Monopoly Stranger Things $38.95 Delivered @ eBay

Don't get trapped in the Upside Down!
Monopoly Stranger Things $38.95 Delivered @ eBay

We all know somebody who is obsessed with Stranger Things right now - especially since season three dropped and half the planet is now worried about what happened to Hopper! If you're after a cracking gift for fan of the series, we've spotted Monopoly Stranger Things for just $38.95 on eBay, and it ships FREE.

This game is selling at up to $59.99 at a number of stores right now, so this is definitely a deal to grab while it lasts. If you buy two sets, you can buy them for just $35.06 each.

In this brilliant edition of Monopoly, the aim of the game is to find Will Byers. Players have to make their way around the board trying to track him down by buying and trading Hawkins properties and locations. Expect to see Castle Byers, Hawkins Cinema, the Demogorgon Nest and other key spots from the first two series.

Monopoly Stranger Things $38.95 Delivered @ eBay

There are eight tokens altogether: four regular tokens and four from the Upside Down - so you get two versions of the same object. (The objects are a camera, a television set, a sneaker and a bike.)

Instead of hotels and houses, you have forts and hideouts; and Community Chest and Chance cards are replaced with Walkie-Talkie and Blinking Lights cards.

There's regular monopoly money included.

This game ships FREE in Australia.


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