L.O.L Surprise Interactive Pets Are Finally in Australia!

L.O.L Surprise Interactive Pets Are Finally in Australia!

Just when you thought the L.O.L Surprise onslaught had passed - another must-have toy arrives. Better prepare yourselves, parents - this time it's INTERACTIVE! Grab them now at Big W for $39.

Given the popularity of interactive pets, it was only natural that L.O.L Surprise would jump on the bandwagon - and the great thing about these ones is that they're reasonably priced.

So what are L.O.L Surprise Interactive Pets?

In a nutshell, they're very cute creatures that have over 60 sounds and responses and come with some adorable accessories.

The surprise elements come in a few forms. For starters, you don't know which pet you'll get - you need to crack open the groovy canister to find out.

Secondly, there are a number of L.O.L Surprise mini surprises included in trademark blind bags, and these take the form of accessories like drink bottles and toys.

There are four pets to collect in this series - but you can count in there being a new wave of them not too far down the track.

Current pets include: Bunny Hun, Hoops D.O.G.G, Fuzzy Fan and Royal Kitty.

These pets are bigger than your average L.O.L Surprise Dolls (sized somewhere between full-sized Hatchimals and Fingerlings), and they are still able to stand up on a flat surface.

So what do they do?!

They blink, they blush, they make adorable cooing noises, they sing, drink their bottle, and they nap!

These are going to fly off shelves - go stash your for Christmas NOW!

Other Sellers:

You can also find L.O.L Surprise Interactive Pets at Toy Universe ($39.99) and Kogan($44.95).


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  • Laurin D.

    Yeah I don’t know if I like these :speak_no_evil::joy:

  • Robyn K.

    better start saving! :joy:

  • Amanda C.

    I may or may not have one on lay by at Kmart :rolling_eyes:... if any more LOL stuff comes out before Christmas I think I will actually cry! :tired_face: