Lindt Boxes 150g for $6 Target vs. $8 - $13 elsewhere

Lindt Boxes 150g for $6 Target vs. $8 - $13 elsewhere

You can never go wrong giving a box of chocolates on Valentines….

Looks like Target’s got some good deals on different chocolates like the 150g boxes of Lindt that are going for half price or only $6 each. That’s even better than buying them on sale from Coles right now at $8 a box, and much better than spending $9 - $13 for the same size boxes at Dan Murphy’s, Woolies, Sweets, or Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse.

Besides these, here are some other good buys to take advantage of:
⁃ The Fabulous Food Company Organza Bag with 60g Chocolates for $2
⁃ Belgian Chocolate Box Cherry Liqueurs for $5 each
⁃ Velvet Heart Belgian Chocolate Box for $10 each
⁃ Cadbury Favorites for $6 each
⁃ Cadbury Roses for $8 each

Offer expires on Valentines Day.


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