Letters/Numbers DIY Cake Tin $22.98 @ eBay Store: bg27cyf

Letters/Numbers DIY Cake Tin $22.98 @ eBay Store: bg27cyf

How brilliant! Forget trying to find a cake tin in the shape of a particular letter or number, or spending hours trying to cut shapes out of a slab cake - this tin, which is just $22.98, will bake any letter or number you need. Just think how much easier those birthdays will be with THIS!

It's actually a very simple concept, and I'm surprised these tins aren't everywhere yet. It's a basic rectangular baking tin, measuring 31.8 x 18.2 centimetres that comes with 12 oven-safe blocks. The idea is that you position the blocks to create whatever shape you need. Pretty nifty, isn't it?

Obviously for curved shapes you might want to get out your knife and round off those corners a bit at the end, but at least you'd have the cake already baked in the right shape to begin with - SUCH a big help, not to mention a time saver!

I definitely need one of these in my life!

This cake tin ships FREE around Australia.


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