LEGO Storage Bricks $10 off @ Catch Of The Day

LEGO Storage Bricks $10 off @ Catch Of The Day

If LEGO is always underfoot in your house, you'll love these LEGO Storage Bricks on sale now for $10 off at Catch Of The Day!

These storage containers look and work just like real LEGO bricks. Fill them up with stuffed toys, books or your favourite LEGO sets and then stack them on top of each other to save space.

The 8-Stud Storage Bricks are big enough to work as toy chests but small enough that you can easily move them around. They come in black, white, red, pink and yellow, and they're only $39.99 each after the discount.

The LEGO Darth Vader Storage Head is perfect for Star Wars fans at $15 off, and 4-Stud Storage Bricks are also available. Delivery is free for new Club Catch members if you spend over $50.

These might just be what I need to finally get my nephew to clean up his LEGO before he goes to bed. They'll be a great investment if they can keep me from stepping on bricks in the middle of the night!


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