LED Rose String Lights $5.45 Delivered @ eBay Store: mylzhojia

LED Rose String Lights $5.45 Delivered @ eBay Store: mylzhojia

Aren't these beautiful? I've seen flower-inspired string lights around the traps and I've always thought they are perfect for events like Christmas and birthdays. The good news is that they can be picked up for as low as $5.54 delivered on eBay in a variety of colours.

Each string includes 20 lights and is over two metres in length, so it's definitely enough to create a stunning centrepiece or even drape them around bookshelves, mirrors or fences.

Colour options include: multicoloured, blue, pink , warm white, cool white, purple, yellow or red.

The lights can be used at a constant setting or flashing setting depending on the effect you're after, and the LED bulbs are cool to touch.

These lights run on batteries (not included).

My daughter adores roses, and I think a set of these lights draped around her shelves would look stunning. At $5.54 I'm totally grabbing some!

These items ship FREE to Australia from China.


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