Kids' Wooden Sandpit With Shelter $79 + FREE Shipping @ Kogan

Kids' Wooden Sandpit $79 Delivered

This kiddie sandpit is absolutely adorable, and it's a bargain! With a wooden frame and adjustable shelter, this is a sandpit that can be used all year 'round. It's down from $219 to just $79 with FREE shipping right now at Kogan.

The sandpit itself measures just under one metre on each side, so it's perfectly sized for one or two kids to enjoy at a time. Spectators could make use of the sturdy wooden edges for seating.

The sandpit comes with a ground cover (to prevent ground moisture from seeping through - very important!), a UV-resistant and waterproof overhead shade, and a solid wooden frame with rounded corners for safety.

What I love most about this sandpit is that the overhead shade can be vertically adjusted; it actually comes right down to ground level to serve as a cover for when the sandpit isn't in use - how handy is that?

Go get it!

Ships FREE around Australia.

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