Kids' Playsets: Kitchen, Supermarket, Medical, Tool Shed $29 - $39 @ Groupon

Kids' Playsets: Kitchen, Supermarket, Medical, Tool Shed $29 - $39 @ Groupon

A playset of some kind, whether it's a kitchen, shop or workbench, is a fantastic investment for young kids. My daughter's mini kitchen was an absolute godsend during her years of toddling! At Groupon you can pick up some great sets with loads of detail for $29 or $39, with shipping just $6.95.

These are the options:

  • Supermarket Playset $39 - comes with cash register, money, products, scale, shopping cart, shelves, card scanner, and lights and sounds.
  • Kitchen Playset $29 - comes with 12-piece cutlery set, pots and pans, opening oven, sounds and lights.
  • Tool Shed Playset $29 - comes with large tools, nuts and bolts, and workbench
  • Medical Playset $29 - comes with 23 medical instruments, stethoscope, scissors, medical kit, syringe, hearing monitor, and medicine.
  • Military Shooting Gallery $29 - comes with infrared gun, lights and music, luminous target, and walkie talkie.

There's a lot of gear in these set, isn't there?! I think it's safe to say these will keep the kids busy while they become absorbed in some imaginative play. But be prepared for playing the role of the customer or patient! (More than once!)

Offer for a limited time. Shipping is $6.95.


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