Instax Mini 9 Cameras $78 Delivered @ Amazon Australia

Instax Mini 9 Cameras $78 Delivered @ Amazon Australia

Have you been on the hunt for a fun and practical camera for your child? The Instax Mini 9 is one of the most popular around for kids because they're a great size, they come in awesome colours, and they process photos immediately - because kids hate waiting for parents to download and print them! Usually $99 at full price, we've spotted them for just $78 delivered at Amazon Australia.

The Instax Mini 9 comes in five colour options: Smokey White, Ice Blue, Lime Green, Cobalt Blue, and my hands-down fave, Flamingo Pink.

In terms of function, these have been designed to be incredible simple to operate: just load the film, point the camera and click for an instant physical photograph! You can adjust the brightness by turning the dial at the front of the camera, and there is a close-up lens as well.

The cameras measure about 15 x 12 centimetres, and are really easy for kids to hold.

When my daughter went on her school camp last year there were a lot of kids with Instax Minis, and she came home with a few photographs that she's had up on her wall ever since. Given what a great deal these are, I might just have to pop one of these away to surprise her with.

These cameras ship FREE from Amazon Australia.

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