Hush Puppies End of Season Sale - Nothing over $59

Hush Puppies End of Season Sale - Nothing over $59

Hush Puppies have been running their End of Season Sale since before Christmas but looks like they’ve now kicked it up a notch by making some further price reductions to where you won’t find anything for over $59 in their sale section.

Shipping is the usual $9.95 on all orders under $99.

There are lots of styles to choose from and here are two of my favourites:

This casual sneaker that is marked for $59 down from it’s regular price of $149.95. It’s to a leather upper with full leather lining and a “Memory Foam” latex inside that actually moulds to the shape of your foot. There are two colours available tan and black, both marked for the same price.

The only other store I could find these at was FSW Shoes who has both colours in stock but for $99.99 each.

These have also been marked down to only $59 from $149.95 giving you a savings of just over 60%. Unlike the Fierce, these are a bit more formal so they’re perfect for work. These have a full grain upper, leather lining and HPO2 Flex technology that gives you cushioned comfort for when you’re on your feet all day.

Go to buy these from Mathers and they’d charge you just under $100 for the same pair, so good price for them.


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