Huggle Wearable Blankets $35.49 + Free Shipping

For days when you're struggling to part with the doona
Huggle Wearable Blankets $35.49 +  Free Shipping

As someone who seriously feels the cold, and loves few things more than curling up on the couch wrapped in a blankie, I think I've just found my perfect winter garment. It's called a Huggle Hoodie, and it's a blanket that you can wear aaaaall day. Usually $49 in stores, we've spotted it for $35.49 on eBay, with free shipping.

You may have already seen these undeniably hilarious garments on TV - they're essentially an ultra-comfy fleece blanket with a hood and arms. Unlike regular blankets that just fall off when you get up (only to be stolen by a quick-moving tween), these blankets stay put wherever you go.

There are so many reasons to love these. For starters, they are a one-size-fits-all piece, so forget fluffing around over sizing, these will fit pretty much anyone. Then there's the fact that they have a massive hood that looks like it would actually stay in place and keep draughts out, and there's even an oversized pocket for your phone, the remote, and all-important snacks.Huggle Wearable Blankets $35.49 + Free Shipping

I definitely wouldn't wear this to the shops, but I'd live in it around the house during winter, that's for sure.

You can buy this in red or navy right now.

These items ship FREE.


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    I need this in my life