Huge 2.7M Intex Unicorn Spray Pool $29 @ Big W

Huge 2.7M Intex Unicorn Spray Pool $29 @ Big W

Don't have a pool? Who cares when you can get a Unicorn Spray pool for just $29! This will get definitely help get the kids through those summer scorchers. Grab it at Big W now.

Now the first thing to note about this wading pool is that it's HUGE. I'm talking over two metres from nose to tail, so this is a going to accommodate several kiddies at any one time, and be particularly awesome for parties and summer gatherings.

It's made of a sturdy vinyl construction, and has a water feature that really sets this pool apart from all the others. All you have to do is plug the garden hose into the valve at the tail, and you've got a unicorn sprayer!

It's a pool and a sprinker.

The unicorn itself is seriously impressive: all white, with a rainbow mane, golden horn, pink wings and a rainbow tail. The kids will be oohing and aahing over this one all day long. Exact dimensions are 272cm x 104cm.

I've seen some You Tube videos where kids have filled this will water balloons, which look insanely fun. For cooler days, you could always fill it with small play balls and turn it into a ball pit.

This is a tough one to find at this price (it is selling upwards of $45 at only a few other stores), so go grab it while you can.

Standard shipping is $7.90.


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