Hilarious Hasbro Plumber Pants Game $28.50 @ Amazon Australia

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Hilarious Hasbro Plumber Pants Game $28.50 @ Amazon Australia

If you're after a game for younger kids that is educational as well as being hilarious, you need to take a look at Hasbro's new game, Plumber Pants. You can get your hands on in at Amazon Australia for $28.50 right now.

In this bizarre-yet-undeniably-funny game, players have to take it in turns at carefully adding new tools to the plumber's belt as he's fixing the sink.

Eventually, the belt will become too heavy, and not only will the plumber's pants fall down revealing his spotty undies, but the kitchen sink will spray water everywhere!

The winner is the player who gets through each round without causing a kitchen catastrophe!

Kids usually find anything remotely cheeky (like undies!) utterly hilarious, so you can count of bucket-loads of giggles when this one is in play.

Check out the video below to see the game in action:

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  • Melissa C.

    Ahhh just checked it’s on amazon... I just ordered off there today too